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First photography contest "Nature and you"

First photography contest "Nature and you"

Hello friends of Canal #Noruega Undernet IRC and Facebook. This year the staff of #Noruega have decided to make a contest for those users who day by day share their life on Facebook.

During the year we observe that some of our users have published images and landscapes from all over the world, depicting the beauty of nature and therefore we thought of this contest.

As we all know Norway is a Tourist Attraction with its grand riches of nature, therefore this contest will show off all the beautiful places in the world. Although our group is formed by people from more than 35 countries.

Following is the set of rules and conditions of the contest. We hope you will participate in this contest and receive a prize.

1. Name: The contests name is named photography "the nature and you"

2. Participants: Open for all members who have registered on facebook on Canal #Noruega Undernet IRC

3. Theme: The themes are or could be related to any of these categories:

a) Landscape: Photographs who originate in nature.

b) Geo-Biodiversity: photographs that include any kind of animal, plant life or rocks in their natural habitat. (without Man there to intervene)

C) Procession: A numbered set of 3 photographs that depicts a natural process. (the growing of a flower, erosion, the sea movement etc)

4. Format: A maximum of 3 photographs in digital format (JPG), with whatever quality you want.

5. Copyright: The images should be original and unedited. (no photoshopping) If the image is edited you will be disqualified.

6: Description: The image should have a description of where it was taken and observation of the surroundings.

7. Where to enter: The images are to be sent through email to shmain@hotmail.com . The subject have to be "Nature and you - photography contest" with the personal information about the photographer

8, Jury: The jury are 3 people from Canal #Noruega Undernet. They will be revealed during the contest.

9. Prize: There will be a prize for the best photography of the contest.

- A personalized t-shirt with your name or nick.
- An enlargement of your picture(s)
- You will be the winner of the first photography contest "Nature and you"

We are very happy if you wish to enter this contest

Translated by:
·         Hilde Sofie Widding Salas (Norwegian, norsk, noruego) sofie40@online.no
·         Juan Jesus Gonzalez Salinas (Spanish, spansk, español) shmain@hotmail.com
·         Daniel Widding Salas (English, engelsk, ingles)


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